Optional Services

Optional Services to make your stay more easy and pleasant…

We give you all the information needed to live the area you live in and we will book the cultural events in the city such as museums, exhibitions, theatres, you’d like to visit or see.

If you wish you can use our optional services.

GOOD FOOD. To enjoy the gastronomic excellences of our country:

  • breakfast and dinner to your door
  • chef and home shopping
  • selection of high-quality products of food or tradition from the world

GOOD FASHION. To discover the chic side of Milan:

  • personal shopper
  • stylist
  • beauty
  • nail service

GOOD LIFE. To not give up good daily habits:

  • personal trainer
  • travel guide
  • baby sitter
  • service and rental cars, motorcycles and bicycles
  • chauffeur car transfers
  • pets and dog sitting
  • laundry/tailoring/shoe repairs with pick-up and delivery

To obtain information on rates or to book services, report it in the booking form or request it by contacting our offices with at least two days prior to the arrival date, call +39.348. 71.41.284 or send us an email.